CBH – Children’s Better Health initiative

Coogee Bay Hotel is a longstanding, proud sponsor of Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation (SCHF). Over the past two decades, we have raised over $2.5 million, funding a number of new facilities and initiatives to better young patients. These include fellowship programs, two minimally invasive surgical theatres, a clinical wing at the recently opened Ainsworth building as well as contributions towards the construction of the Bright Alliance building, just to name a few.

This year marks Coogee Bay Hotel’s 20th anniversary of our partnership with SCHF. To celebrate this milestone and to continue our dedicated journey of improving the lives of sick children and their families, we will be launching a long-term program – the Children’s Better Health (CBH) initiative.

SCHF has proposed that we support one of three vital programs through the CBH initiative. Since all three are equally significant, the Coogee Bay Hotel team would like to invite you to help us with this life-changing decision.

Vote now for the program you want to see us support!*

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No child should suffer or die at a young age. Investment into research is the only way to make significant progress in the treatment and potential cure for chronic and previously terminal diseases. Through research findings, childhood cancer survival rates have gone from less than 10% to over 80% in the past 30 years.

With this program, the hospital can invest in expanding its current medical research program so it remains at the heart of treatment options for all children.


Each year almost 6,500 babies and children undergo complex surgery. Parents wait anxiously hoping the operation will improve or save their child’s life. Pediatric care is highly specialised. The care of those young patients lies in the safe hands of Sydney Children’s Hospital’s brilliant medical teams and high-tech surgical tools.

This program will ensure the hospital can continue to train bright junior surgeons and upgrade equipment with the latest technology, which is essential to delivering the best future for children.


Project Memory is a strategic investment in innovative technology that will allow the hospital to deliver personalised medicine. Sydney Children’s Hospital is investing in a system to deliver fully integrated healthcare records for all children.

Leading edge digital equipment and technologies, such as electronic patient record-keeping, means that teams of doctors and specialists will have access to a patient’s full medical history, replacing paper files and manual transmission of critical information.

*Results will be announced on Friday, 20 October 2017.