Let’s start by getting one thing straight – beer is one awesome beverage! While most people don’t necessarily need a special occasion to justify a cheeky frothy there are a few occasions that go hand in hand with this beautiful liquid gold. Keep reading to see our top 7 occasions for a beer and which beers we feel pair perfectly with these special occasions.

1 – Post-Footy

You’ve busted your arse all game and worked up a solid sweat – win, lose or draw you definitely deserve a beer! Grab the whole team and head down for some post game banter (who missed that super easy tackle!) and a delicious beverage. Our go to post-footy beer is the Furphy Refreshing Ale from the team at Little Creatures Brewing. This beer is clean and crisp with a subtle balance of fruit and malt. As the name suggests, it’s super refreshing, which makes it the perfect post-footy beer.

2 – Ticked Off That Life Admin

You’ve cleaned the bathroom (✔), paid your bills (eek – ✔), rearranged your sock draw (✔) and helped Nan cross the road (✔) – Now that you’ve taken the weight off your shoulders and ticked off all that “fun” life admin it’s the perfect time for a delightful cold beer. We recommend carrying that light feeling on with a crisp, clean, low carb and low calorie Pure Blonde Low Carb Lager.

3 – A Lazy Afternoon

It just hit 3pm and for whatever reason you feel like sitting back and doing sweet nothing! No judgement from us (we have all been there) – we say embrace this mood by treating yourself to an afternoon of guilt free laziness – and a beer! Our go to lazy afternoon beer (with a fitting name) is the Fat Yak Original Pale Ale from our friends at Yak Ales and Matilda Bay over in Western Australia. This lazy afternoon beer features a district golden colour, strong notes of hop and delicious hints of passionfruit and melon.

4 – First Date

It’s first date time and you want to make a really good first impression, what drink do you order? Beer of course! Our go to first date beer is the delightful Stone & Wood Pacific Ale from our mates at Stone & Wood up in Byron Bay. This delectable beverage is jam packed with tropical aromas and screams summer. Next date night, show that you are fruity, delightfully complex but have those chill Byron vibes and reach for a Stone & Wood Pacific Ale.

5 – Knock Off Time

The work day is over… you’ve put a whole heap of thought, passion and energy into you job (or maybe not), but it’s done, and now it’s officially you-time! What better way to celebrate you-time than with a heavenly cold beer? Our favourite knock off beer is the Great Northern Brewing Company’s Super Crisp Lager. This beer was specifically designed by Queensland brewers with an easy-going lifestyle in mind, so it’s really the perfect beer to help let go of work and settle in to you-time.

6 – Rainy Day

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. Rainy days are the perfect excuse to get together with some mates (or significant other), find somewhere cosy to settle in for the evening and enjoy a few mouth-watering beverages. When it rains, we start pouring Coopers Original Pale Ale (a.k.a Coopers Green). The fruity, floral characters, crisp bitterness and renowned cloudy appearance make Coopers Green the perfect rainy-day beverage.

7 – Celebration Time

It’s your birthday, you just got promoted, your Instagram post got more than 2 likes, your hair looks amazing today… whatever your reason for celebrating, no celebration is complete without an ice-cold beer. Is there really a better celebration beer than Corona? (I don’t think so!) This refreshing Mexican beauty is subtle in flavour with sweet hints which make it extremely palatable. Buy a bucket of Corona and make your celebration a party.

Coogee Bay Hotel serves all these beers and more including a great selection of craft beer, lagers, pale ales and session ales. Next time the occasion calls for an ice-cold beer come down and visit us.

Note: Coogee Bay Hotel beers will occasionally change, come in and see what beers we are serving today.