Kicking Off the Day the Right Way at Coogee Bay

How amazing does it feel when you kick off the day right – you have that spring in your step and the whole world seems to be at your feet!

 Unfortunately, it can be really easy to slip into a bad morning routine, which can make you feel terrible all day long.

But don’t fear, we have created a list of awesome morning routines to kick start your day and make you feel amazing.


Routine 1 – Yoga & Light Breakfast

Head down to Coogee Beach early, find yourself a peaceful spot and Zen out with some yoga or meditation. If self-guided yoga isn’t your thing, you can always visit one of Coogee’s many popular yoga studios like “The Livingroom” or “Coogee Yoga”.

After your session, pop into Coogee Bay Hotel and maintain the Zen with a delicious (but healthy) Acai Smoothie Bowl in the beautiful Garden overlooking the water. The Coogee Bay Acai Bowl is topped with fresh bananas, blueberries, kiwi, succulent strawberries and toasted almonds, so you are guaranteed to carry that post-yoga lightness throughout the day.

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Routine 2 – Coffee on The Run

Struggle to function before that first coffee? (We feel you!)

Hit the ground running when you get into the office by having your morning coffee on the way to work. Coogee Bay Hotel starts serving barista made coffee from 6:30am and is conveniently located next to the bus interchange at Coogee Beach so you don’t even need to make a detour. CBH baristas only use the freshest coffee beans so you are certain to enjoy your morning caffeine hit.

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Routine 3 – Weekend Surf & Refuel

Nothing is more exhilarating than riding the perfect wave!

Wake up on the weekend, grab a mate and make your way down to one of several popular breaks around Coogee including Maroubra Beach and Bronte Beach. Once you find the perfect spot, paddle out and catch some quality waves.

Undoubtably you will be feeling a bit peckish after your surf, so head back to Coogee Bay Hotel and refuel with one of the many sizeable breakfasts available including the Big Bay Breakfast (Eggs, bacon, pork sausage, field mushroom, slow roasted tomato, hash brown, toast), Buckwheat Pancakes (With ricotta & berry compote) or the mouth-watering Eggs Benedict served with your choice of shaved ham, smoked salmon, spinach or smoked brisket. (Side note: We are loving the salmon at the moment!)

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Routine 4 – Early Morning Beach Run & Snack

Beach running is one of the most rewarding forms of exercise you can do, which makes it a perfect way to kick off your day. Ditch your trainers and run a few laps of beautiful Coogee Beach, start off running on the hard sand near the water and move out to the soft sand when you are ready to take it to the next level. We recommend getting down to Coogee nice and early so you don’t have to dodge the sunbathers.

Once you’ve pumped out some laps you can head across the road to the Coogee Bay Hotel Brasserie for a delicious snack and freshly squeezed juice. Our go to post-run snack is the Haloumi Stack which features slow roasted tomato, spinach, dukkah, and our green goddess dressing

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Ready to kick off your day the right way? Give some of these routines a go, find out what works for you, and start feeling awesome! Oh, and while you are at it, make sure you check out our full breakfast menu where you’ll be sure to find the perfect meal to compliment your morning routine.



Please note our menu may change from time to time – These items are correct as of March 2019 – Visit our brasserie page to see the most up to date menu.