These tinnies have got some serious aesthetics!

Walking into a craft beer store these days you would be forgiven for thinking you were in some sort of funky contemporary art gallery. As brewers try to out-shine each other we’ve seen them create a plethora of vibrant, artistic, rousing and sometimes downright weird tinny designs.

With so many tinny designs out there, we have decided to do some serious research and figure out which one is the absolute best! To do this we took stock of all the tinnies available from our liquor store specialising in craft beer “Fine Wines & Spirits” (89 varieties to be precise) and asked the team at Coogee Bay Hotel to vote for their favourites.

Without further ado here are the 10 coolest beer tinny designs as chosen by the Coogee Bay Hotel team…

10 | Grifter – Serpents Kiss – Watermelon Pilsner

Coming in at 10th place is the Serpents Kiss Watermelon Pilsner from The Grifter Brewing Co. team based in Marrickville NSW. This tinny definitely stands out with it’s vibrant watermelon coloured tin trimmed in their iconic gold bands and topped off with a funky serpent watermelon illustration. The beer itself is fresh and cleansing with a summery spritz of watermelon which hits your nose and mouth as you drink.

9 | Garage Project – Bliss – Lager

Floating in blissfully at number 9 is the Bliss Lager from the Kiwi lads at Grarage Project. This tinny adopts an 80s pop-art style with bold lettering and a standout yellow, orange and white colour palette. Inside the can is a lovely mix of New Zeland malt and Moteuka hops which produces a delicately crisp and easy drinking lager.

8 | Garage Project – Pernicious Weed – Double IPA

At 8 we have another entry from the lads at Garage Project – Pernicious Weed which is a deliciously crisp and very drinkable double IPA. This busy tinny features a colourful, retro-horror comic book inspired illustration that gets better the more you look at it.

7 | Garage Project – Garagista – IPA

Cruising in at number 7 we have the finely tuned Garagista IPA. This maroon hued tinny features a super cool 1930s style car and embraces strong Art Deco vibes. Brewed using a trio of hops (New Zealand, Australia, USA) this beer has a bold hop platform with hints of pineapple, lime and berries.

6 | Garage Project – Beer – Pale Lager

In at number 6 we have the aptly named ‘BEER’ which also hails from across the ditch at Garage Project. Popular with the team at Coogee for not beating around the bush this tinny boldly states exactly what it is, and nothing more – BEER! Inside this tinny is a modest, clean, crisp and delicious beer – Simples!

5 | Green Beacon – Strawberry Milkshake – IPA

Strolling into 5th position we have the Strawberry Milkshake IPA from the team at Green Beacon Brewing Co. up in sunny Brisbane. This tinny features a noticeably bold cow print with a puff of friendly pastel. This distinctly pink beer packs a strong, sweet strawberry hit with hints of hibiscus, coconut and vanilla.

4 | Hop Nation – The Buzz – American Red

Coming in at 4 we have The Buzz American Red from the team at Hop Nation down in Footscray, Melbourne. This slick can features a hand sketched, retro diving helmet with their iconic lime green highlights. This beer is made from all American hops giving it a bad-ass malty profile.

3 | Kaiju Beer – Kaiju Krush – Topical Pale Ale

Taking out the bronze medal we have Kaiju Krush Tropical Pale Ale from the brothers at Kaiju Beer. This tinny embraces a fun, playful, modern Japanese cartoon style with a massive burst of tropical colour. The beer itself couldn’t reflect the can it sits in any better – simple as that!

2 | Grifter – C Boogie – Cucumber Kolsch

Coming in at number 2 (and the 2nd entry for the Grifter team) we have the C Boogie Cucumber Kolsch. This cool looking tinny features a selection of elegant colours that are cleverly juxtaposed by a characterised dancing cucumber man! A slightly more acquired taste, this beer features a subtle cucumber hint making it an incredibly refreshing beverage.

1 | Garage Project – White Trash – American Wheat

And the winner is… Drum Role Please

White Trash American Style Wheat Beer from the tinny design wizards at Garage Project (their 5th top 10 appearance). This cool tinny portrays a trashy trailer park racoon which has been intricately sketched and placed on a sleek white can. The beer itself features a citrussy smooth taste with a delightfully bitter finish.

And there you have it, the 10 coolest tinny designs – Congratulations to all the brewers that made the list!

Make sure you head on down to Fine Wines & Spirits to pick up any of our top 10 beers plus loads more super creative tinnies that just missed out! Please note our range of craft beer is constantly growing and changing – come visit us in store or give us a call on 02 9315 6007 to see what is in stock today!